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Saturday, April 19th, 2014

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: American Family Voices Releases New Video - “Shine Bright, Jamie Dimon”

Contact: Alexandra Palombo, (202) 393-4352
December 18, 2013

Washington, DC –American Family Voices (AFV) today released a new music video parody, this one turning Rihanna’s song and video about Diamonds into a story about Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase, and a string of settlements that were way too weak in comparison to the scopes of JPM’s crimes. Coming out the same day as Dimon’s opulent holiday card, the video provides a marked contrast to Dimon’s view of himself.

“This video is our answer to those politicians, regulators, and prosecutors who think the Wall Street masters of the universe should be coddled”, said Mike Lux, President of AFV. “Instead of treating them with kid gloves and kindness, the arrogance of Jamie Dimon should be poked, parodied, and prosecuted.”

The producer, lyricist, singer, and star of the video is AFV’s Creative Director Lauren Windsor, who noted that “The $13 billion settlement with Chase by the Department of Justice is not a win for the people— it is a pittance compared to the penalty the banks deserve to pay for their role in crashing the economy, and much of it will in fact, be shouldered by taxpayers. My driving motivation in creating this video was to express outrage at the utter failure of the government to hold the finance industry accountable for what is clearly criminal behavior.”

Lux concluded by noting that the video was done in the spirit of the Christmas story. “Jesus’ mother Mary, shortly before he was born, said that her son’s birth would mean ‘He has used the power of his arm, he has routed the arrogant of heart. He has pulled down princes from their thrones and raised high the lowly. He has filled the starving with good things, and sent the rich away empty.’ In this season of Christmas, it is time to pull Jamie Dimon and the other princes of Wall Street from their thrones, and break up the Too Big To Fail or Jail banks. Our present to Dimon today as he sends out his holiday card is to remind him that even the wealthy and powerful will someday need to shed their arrogance.”

AFV is also launching a new online petition to break up the big banks.


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