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Monday, June 27th, 2016

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AFV's 'Casino' Ad

American Family Voices and Americans United For Change are running advertisements urging Americans to contact their Senators and ask them to support President Obama’s plans to hold the big Wall Street banks accountable.


AFV's 'Asbestos Sinking Ship' Ad

American Family Voices ran a print ad in Congress Daily calling the Senate Asbestos Bill a “sinking ship” and urging Senators Arlen Specter, Patrick Leahy and Bill Frist to stop pushing the fatally flawed proposal.


AFV's 'Indicted' Ads

American Family Voices and Public Campaign Action Fund are running three different advertisements in Congressional districts that are represented by close allies of indicted, disgraced former Majority Leader Tom DeLay. The ads, titled “Indicted,” target Reps. Jim Gerlach, Bob Ney and Tom Reynolds.


AFV's 'Laundromat' Ad

The money laundering Tom DeLay was indicted for isn’t the only dirty money. DeLay sent $150,000 to Rep. Blunt, then Blunt funneled DeLay’s money to his son’s campaign and a company that hired Delay’s wife.


Supreme Court Battle

Alright folks, this is it: The long awaited knock down, drag out, all out fight over the future of the Supreme Court has finally arrived. Unlike John Roberts and Harriet Miers, Samuel Alito has a long and detailed paper trail, a history of judicial decisions 15 years long – and it ain’t pretty.


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