When mainstream news does decide to cover the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), it shows politicians repeating the same talking points on a loop. The problem is what they are saying has been proven wrong over and over again.  TPP will not create jobs. TPP will not strengthen our trade ties with Asia. TPP will not boost our economy. This trade agreement, being negotiated by a former Citi executive who got a $4,000,000 bonus when he left to join the administration, leans far too heavily toward multinational corporate power.

We’ve heard this all before - Presidents Bush and Clinton made these same arguments for NAFTA, and for trade deals with China and Korea – these deals cost the United States millions of dollars in a trade deficits and shipped thousands of jobs out of the country.  Let’s not repeat our mistakes – again.

The TPP isn’t doing our economy any favors – it’s a raw deal for working Americans, a partnership negotiated in secret by the wealthiest Americans and lobbyists.

The TPP has too many problems - the partnership excludes China from the negotiations, which would increase the US/China trade imbalance. The bill would give stronger privileges to pharmaceutical companies, rewriting patent laws to give Big Pharma monopolies on name-brand drugs and allowing them to charge drastically inflated prices. In addition, the TPP permits foreign corporations to put profits over people by rewriting the rules and creating ways for corporations to put cost of necessary environmental protections onto tax-payers. Worst of all, it would give Wall Street what they wanted on deregulating financial services.

We’ve learned too much from NAFTA and other bad trade deals to let this one pass. We, the undersigned, call on Congress to stop the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) from passing as currently written. This deal will hurt our economy more than help it. We must re-examine this partnership and create a deal that works for all Americans – not just the super rich.

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