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Saturday, May 28th, 2016

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:AFV Announces Initiative to Educate Public About Anti-LGBT, Islamophobic David Caton & Florida Family Association


For Immediate Release

Date: October 29, 2013

Contact: Carla Engle, Executive Director of American Family Voices, 202-393-4352

WASHINGTON – American Family Voices, a nonprofit organization founded in 2000 to be a voice for middle and working class families, today announced a new initiative to educate the public about the extreme anti-LGBT and Islamophobic actions of the Florida Family Association (FFA) and its founder David Caton.

American Family Voices (AFV) will use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote its campaign Stop David Caton and the Florida Family Association, which aims to inform families about an organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled an “active hate group.”

“For too long, David Caton and the Florida Family Association have bullied LGBT people and Muslims in the pursuit of an extreme ideological agenda that is harmful to families and children in particular,” said Carla Engle, Executive Director of American Family Voices. “Our goal is to call them out on their irresponsible behavior and show the public that the lobbying efforts of Caton and his organization should not be taken seriously.”

In 2007, Caton and the FFA publicly opposed legislation that would protect young children in Florida from hate by banning bullying in schools based on a student’s sexual orientation. David Caton and the FFA also criticized Modern Family and Degrassi for their depiction of same-sex families and LGBT youth.

Caton and the FFA also have a history of “intimidate[ing] advertisers with xenophobic appeals,” according to Media Matters, a watchdog organization. In 2011, FFA urged corporations not to advertise on TLC’s reality show All-American Muslim. “As Jon Stewart quipped, the only apparent reason for the FFA’s boycott of the show was that it portrayed ‘Muslims without the terrorist element,’” wrote Media Matters.

More recently, Proctor & Gamble was targeted, but not because of bad business practices or anything that makes logical sense. Instead Caton and the Florida Family Association went after P&G simply because it advertises on Al Jazeera America, a mainstream news network that Caton and his group erroneously claim is promoting radical Muslim organizations.. The New York Times said David Caton has been “waging a one-man war on American Muslims.”

Learn more about the extreme and inflammatory actions of David Caton and the FFA on Facebook.


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