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Saturday, June 25th, 2016

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Video Work
American Family Voices produces compelling new video content explaining economic issues in easy-to-understand ways multiple times a week, and then works with allies in the progressive movement.

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Building the Capacity of the Netroots

American Family Voices will be working in collaboration with two new partners: ActBlue, an online fundraising giant, and BlogPAC which was formed to provide financial support progressive bloggers and online activists. Through this partnership, we will bring together the best strategic ideas of the netroots and of more established players of the progressive movement, exponentially expand the ability of the progressive community to raise money, recruit volunteers, and shape the political debate in this country.

Health Care for America Now (HCAN)

Health Care for America Now (HCAN) is a national grassroots campaign organizing millions of Americans to win a guarantee of quality, affordable health care for all. We are grounded in organizations that can mobilize people at work, at home, in their neighborhoods, and online.

Change America Now (CAN)

Change America Now, nicknamed the CAN campaign, is a venture that American Family Voices is undertaking along with more than 40 of the nation’s other leading progressive organizations. We have come together in an effort to hold legislators and President Bush accountable, and push a progressive agenda. And with so many promises made over the last election cycle, this task has never been more important.

Progressive Donor Network

The Progressive Donor Network was established by Mike Lux as a vehicle for uniting those who care about progressive politics and are interested in sharing ideas and strategies. It is essential for the success of the movement to work together and stay focused on the message and issues important to our cause. PDN unites like-minded individuals so that their efforts receive the full impact only an organized community can offer.

The Campaign for a Cleaner Congress

The campaign works to expose how corporate lobbying has corrupted our democratic system, and to explain how simple reforms can get Americans the cleaner Congress they deserve -starting with an independent counsel to investigate House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s reign of corruption.

Honor Betrayed

This documentary exposes the hypocrisy of the Bush administration’s relationship with the U.S. military.

Military Report: An In-Depth Look At the Consequences of Bush Policy

From sergeants and service wives to four star generals and Pentagon planners, the people of the U.S. armed forces weigh in with honest talk about the state of the military under President Bush’s leadership.

Side Show Radio Ad

President George W. Bush is fond of pegging his opponent as a flip-flopper, this radio advertisement that ran in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, gives just a few examples of how this campaign rhetoric is like the side show act of a snake oil salesman.

AFV's McDougal Ad

The AFV television ad features Linda McDougal, a Wisconsin woman who underwent a double mastectomy and only later learned that the slide showing cancerous tissue belonged to another woman. She was cancer-free.

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