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We have entered the second month of the government shutdown, and 800,000 government workers are still furloughed or forced to work without pay, in what amounts to indentured servitude. Many of these hard-working Americans cannot their pay their bills and may face eviction. They have Donald Trump, and his enabler, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to thank for it.


Donate $20.20 to support our work advocating on behalf of working and middle-class families, and we’ll send an eviction notice to Mitch McConnell with your name on it.


Donald Trump is taking these folks hostage in order to pay for an ineffectual border wall. (Drug smugglers use tunnels and the majority of illegal immigrants come in through airports and overstay their visas.) The president said he’d be happy to shut down the government, and Mitch McConnell is complicit – he has refused to hold a vote to reopen government and exercise Congressional checks on this administration.


Mitch McConnell has made a cowardly calculation – that standing up to the president to end the shutdown would be too costly to him when he is up for reelection in 2020 – so he is shirking his Constitutional responsibility to work for the good of this country. Tell Mitch McConnell to put the American people above politics, and to end this shutdown NOW. 

Donate $20.20 now to send an eviction notice to Mitch McConnell. 


We will write the name, city, and state in your credit transaction in the 'on behalf of' field of the postcard.


Eviction Notice Postcard to Mitch McConnell

  • We will write the name, city, and state in your credit transaction in the 'on behalf of' field of the postcard.

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