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Having spent a lifetime fighting the good fight in the trenches of the progressive movement and Democratic Party, Mike Lux has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of politics up close and personal. From the glorious victories to the staggering defeats to the persistent stagnation of never getting shit done, Lux analyzes what has been going wrong for Democrats in the last decade and offers a blueprint for how to start winning again - not just this year, but for generations to come. Lux looks at how the party managed to turn off both base and swing voters in the years following Obama’s historic victory, culminating in its loss. He writes about the false choices – focus on swing vs. base voters, fairness vs. growth in the economy, urban vs. rural outreach - that have hurt Democratic chances. He stresses how Democrats must distinguish themselves from Republicans on the critical American ideal of freedom. A progressive populist before it was cool, but with an aversion to blindly following anyone’s dogmatic approach, Lux lays out a strategy and message for winning a long-term Democratic governing majority.

How to Democrat in the Age of Trump (paperback)

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  • Published in partnership with Strong Arm Press.

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